Bespoke Biographies

Together we create tailor-made reflections of lives well lived, and preserve them for generations to come. Through a series of informal, conversational interviews we can offer a range of different ways to record your life story including:

  • In-depth audio interviews
  • Conversational video recordings
  • Memory-prompting family workshops
  • Heirloom memory boxes
  • Unique personal profiles
  • Personal photo albums
  • Full biographies.

Each session is tailored to suit every individual’s need. We also offer a unique option for an unobtrusive professional photographer to work quietly in the background to capture priceless expressions as special memories spark moments of joyful emotion to treasure.

All interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone or via Zoom.


Memories of the spoken voice are often the first to fade. While we have hundreds of photographs, audio recordings of our loved ones are rare.

Through a series of face-to-face interviews, we encourage you to share highlights and experiences – we have found that retelling memories not only brings comfort but also develops closer bonds with loved ones and carers.

These relaxed and informal conversations are a useful tool to help recall specific moments in time that may have been long forgotten. 

Guided by our experts, families and friends are also welcome to suggest topics and questions, prompting important recollections which help develop a clearer understanding of the past – leading to greater empathy in the present.

We use broad open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing, (rather than asking where were you born, for example, we would say – can you tell me a bit about where you grew up?)

These can be held either as one-to-one sessions or in groups – as these interviews often prove entertaining for others, and spark fascinating discussions.

Following our sessions, you will receive an invaluable audio recording– either in full or an edited ‘fact file’ to share. 


By filming our carefully guided informal chats – either individually or as a group activity – we build personal portraits by reflecting on key moments and memories from the past.

Afterwards we create a film of the candid conversations, highlighting whatever aspects you felt comfortable sharing.

There is an option to intersperse new recordings with old home video footage or perhaps personal messages from friends or relatives who may be unable to visit.


Small groups of friends, relatives and children are encouraged to join us for an hour, half day or tea party.

A co-ordinated a range of shared activities – such as children interviewing elderly relatives – are popular and fun. Under our close supervision, visitors ask humorous, entertaining (and sometimes rather cheeky!) questions about your favourite moments from the past – such as food, music, schooldays or romance, prompting joyful anecdotes and early years recollections.

The children are encouraged to produce an account of the event, illustrated via a newspaper article or drawings.


Together we discuss the significance of, or key memories associated with, valued personal possessions to help create a treasures trove of significant items – such as medals, love letters or perfume. 

This is a particularly useful activity for those with sensory impairments who may rely on touch or smell to communicate, and the boxes make a delightful heirloom. 



A shorter version of a complete life story, similar to a newspaper feature – using independent research and first-person quotes gathered in conversation. One-on-one sessions or group activity.

These documents can be particularly useful to understand an older person’s past background, and therefore their present needs.

Together, we guide you through treasured pictures, maps, postcards, or drawings to recall special moments – prompting conversations about fondly remembered holidays, parties, or high-profile events.

Old, tattered, or faded photographs can be scanned and carefully reconditioned by our expert photographic team to create a wonderful memory aide.

These can be beautifully framed or added to one of our printed photo books, in which we reproduce old and new images alongside detailed quotes and recollections – making a truly wonderful gift.

There is an option to photograph reactions as we go through their beloved photo collections, capturing priceless expressions as memories spark. 


In depth life story researched over many months, including personal details in chronological order from childhood and family history to education, significant relationships, careers and the present day. 

We delve into work highlights and greatest achievements, look back at travels, and initiate wider discussions.

These long-term projects result in a self-published book to revisit and share with long lost friends, family, and former colleagues.

Please note: costs vary according to fluctuating paper prices.

The Concise Biography chronicles your life story in a small but perfectly formed volume. The ideal gift to mark a milestone birthday.

  • Five hours of interviews
  • Maximum length: 10,000 words
  • 10-20 photographs
  • Roughly 90 pages
  • Bespoke cover design
  • Five hardback books plus a digital copy of your book.

The Standard Biography offers an opportunity to tell the story of your life in more depth.

  • Ten hours of interviews
  • Maximum length: 25,000 words
  • 20-30 photographs
  • Roughly 150 pages
  • Bespoke cover design
  • Five hardback books plus a digital copy of your book

The Full-Length Biography is for those who wish to record their life story in full detail, with room for all your memories and more.

  • 20 hours of interviews
  • Maximum length: 50,000 words
  • Up to 50 photographs
  • Roughly 250 pages
  • Bespoke cover design/dust jacket
  • Ten hardback books plus a digital copy of your book

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and prices.